During the 2019 season GEM offers a variety of free art workshops to the community.  The workshops and the materials are supplied for free.  The workshops are developed to appeal to every age and every level of expertise.

Sculpture Workshop w/Kelly Cave


August Sculpture Workshop

 Gianluca Bianchino , our August Artist in Residence will be giving a workshop on sculpture on August 24th from 10 until 2:00.  The workshop and materials are free and offered to all community residents.

Supporters of GEM 2019 Workshops

The Walmart Foundation and  The O’Conner Foundation generous donations have enabled  GEM to offer workshops free of charge and to supply all the materials and equipment needed. 

Fiber Workshop

Fiber artist, Katrina Coombs from Kingston, Jamaica, gave a Saturday afternoon workshop to kids and adults.

Screen Printing

Holly Manchon led the screen printing workshop.  Each participant took home a silkscreened t-shirt that they printed in class.

Figure Drawing Workshop

The figure drawing workshop was a “drop-in” class that met every Thursday from May thru June.

Perspective Made Simple

Richard Whitten, resident artist led the day long workshop in July.