Visual Artist Residency

The art residencies at G.E.M. are intended for emerging artists for the New York State region.  They offer artists  an opportunity to expand their body of work, to experiment, and to create in a cultural space that is unique, lively, and stimulating.
  G.E.M. provides artists with the time, materials and a studio to devote themselves to their project.

What We Are Looking For

We are seeking emerging visual artists interested in expanding their current body of work or began anew.

All practices are welcome to submit portfolios for consideration.  Artists are encouraged to be ambitious. Gilbertsville Expressive Movement is offering  one month residencies ,  May – October ,  to emerging artists in any media.

Residency Includes

  • 24/7 access to private studio
  • Materials and supplies provided
  • Housing – Private bedroom, shared bath and shared common living spaces.
  • $1500 scholarship to cover transportation, food and living expenses.
  • The expenses are covered by monies earmarked for residencies given by the Skolnick Family Foundation.

* Travel fees and other living charges are at the residents’ expense.

What Is Expected Of The Artist

  • Make full use of the residency period offered for his/her project
  • Be present during the entire residency period.
  • Present his/her project created during the residency at a public event organized by GEM at the end of the residency period.
  • Propose and teach a monthly workshop members of the community.
  • Participate in all programs, artist talks and open studios scheduled during their residency.
  • Donate one work finished during the residency to the G.E.M.  Gallery & Sculpture Park

Artists Must Meet These Requirements

  • Be a graduate of a BA, BFA, MA or MFA program.

2019 Timeline:

March 1, 2019   Deadline for submissions
April 1, 2019       Notification of selections

Session Dates:   

May 1 – 31
June 1 – 30
July 1 – 31
August 1 – 31
September 1 – 30



Application Process

Deadline: March 1 , 2019

Your application must include:
  • The completed registration form
  • A curriculum vitae/resume (maximum two pages, PDF format)
  • An artist’s statement (maximum one page, PDF format)
  • A letter of intent
  • A portfolio of 10 to 15 images (JPG format) accompanied by a description list of the images
  • For videos, provide a link (Vimeo, YouTube), accompanied by the password, if applicable. Make sure that the videos will be accessible until April 1, 2019 *
  • $25 application fee


You must name your file as follows: 2019_last name_first name
All incomplete applications will be automatically rejected.

When you submit your application by clicking on “Send,” you will receive a confirmation of receipt by email within the following 24 hours.

If you have any questions or if you have not received the confirmation of receipt within this time, contact the GEM team:
Instagram: Gville Express

2018 Sculptor-In-Residence


“G.E.M. was an amazing experience with an inspirational staff in a historical town vibe that is heavily involved in its own art community  there were many places to draw inspiration from. I can’t say enough about how wonderful and knowable the people and  staff are, it really brought out the creative confidence with in my to explore possibilities within my artistic practice”. 

-Jonathan Forrence

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