2018 Fall Exhibition


200 people attended the Gallery Opening reception for the 2018 Fall Exhibition to celebrate the achievement of the eight artists featured in the group show.  Guests were young and old, first time gallery visitors as well as seasoned attendees.  They looked at the art, talked with the artists and each other, ate, drank and wandered around the Sculpture Park.  Some even ended the evening roasting marshmallows on the wood fired oven.

Featured Artists

July 8, 2018 the GEM Gallery & Sculpture Park featured 7 local and regional artists in the Summer Gallery Show.  Our efforts to make art accessible to the community were well rewarded.  Opening night, was a big success and people kept streaming in through out the month that the show was open.  That’s when we knew that our community was hungry for the  opportunity to view art and talk with the artists without having to drive to a big city.

July 2018 Gallery Show

Featured Artists

  • Jane Higgins
  • Thomas Hall
  • Betty Fraley
  • Jay Roth
  • Jonathan Forrence
  • Eric Valosin
  • Mark Picone
  • Paula Friedman

Gallery Facts

We converted the old Gilbertsville Central School’s bus garage into offices and the GEM Gallery.  After lots of hard work and white paint, we have what we consider a fine space.


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