August Artist in Residence - Gianluca Bianchino

Gianluca is an interdisciplinary artist from New Jersey specializing in 3 dimensional relief installations immersing viewers in a fractured experience of light, shadow, and proportion. While he specializes in many different mediums for indoor display; during his time at GEM he will be experimenting with weather resistant materials to achieve a versatile sculpture which can live indoors and out.

Gianluca Bianchino 2019 August

ARTIST STATEMENT | Gianluca Bianchio

Artist Statement. 2019 
Through abstract sculpture and installation I transcend my understanding of spatial complexity. The work dialogs with science and architecture in exploring the underlying 
geometry of nature and the built environment. I do so by developing simultaneous bodies of work – unstable topographical surfaces, interactive sculptures that function as quasi observational instruments and installations intended to show chaos as a believable visual system. While theories in physics and astronomy serve as inspirational muse, process and engagement with traditional and industrial materials dictate the trajectory of each series. The resulting artwork is set in a metaphysical context that is often ambiguous. My practice is eclectic and frequently generative. 
Temporary installations produce photographs, videos, and/or parts that reappear in later sculptures, and vice versa sculptures may appear in larger multimedia projects. 
In an attempt to contain chaos in an ordered aesthetic, metaphorically my work is a way to make sense of my own impulsive and fragmented experience, particularly related to growing up as an immigrant.





August Workshop

Gianluca will be hosting a sculpture workshop at the GEM studio on Saturday, August 24th at 1:00
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Gianluca Bianchino’s  August  Workshop will be an opportunity for participants to engage in a fun, world-making experience inspired by the natural world and  terrestrial and lunar landscapes.  The workshop is geared towards all levels of expertise, from beginner to expert sculptor.

Participants will work with papier-mâché, constructing a relief sculpture (using a flat ground such as a plywood board) or 3-D sculptures using, if needed, wire or wood as support.

The workshop and materials are free thanks to a generous contribution from the O’Connor Fund.


Open Studio

August 31 at the GEM Gallery and Sculpture Park is the date for Gianluca’s “Open Studio.”  Drop by anytime from 5:00 – 8:00. See what he’s been doing, talk with him, eat, drink.