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Gilbertsville Expressive Movement, Inc. – GEM 

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Gilbertsville Expressive Movement, Inc. – GEM 

The brainchild of entrepreneur and art collector, Barry L. Skolnick, is located on the 14-acre campus of the former Gilbertsville Central School in the middle of National Register Historic Site village of Gilbertsville in Otsego County, New York.


GEM was granted not-for-profit status in December 2016.  Essential seed funds provided by The Skolnick Family Charitable Trust paved the course for engaging the community in memorable aesthetic experiences.  One local artist was selected to establish a working metal fabrication shop and to produce a tall (23 ft) permanent steel sculpture.  Outdoor working spaces, multiple mixed media labs, living areas, gallery and public workshop classrooms are prepared.  GEM is ready to accept new artists to an expanded residence program.

Our Mission

The mission of GEM is to support the education and promotion of local artistry in the Gilbertsville, New York  area by providing funds and direct assistance through fellowships, residency and internship programs for emerging artists in the area of art, music, literature and other programs or projects.

Our Vision

Audiences of all ages will be welcome and encouraged to participate in all GEM activities and events bringing Skolnick’s vision of supporting artistic excellence to the distressed Appalachian region of New York.  This endeavor has been gaining momentum since he first renovated the property to accommodate emerging artists with residences, tools and funds necessary to create contemporary public sculptures.

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Gilbertsville Expressive Movement, Inc. is a 501 3C non-profit corporation.  We rely on contributions from people like you to bring the workshops, residency programs, exhibitions, etc. to the community.

You can donate today by using PayPal, mailing a check to:

                                   P.O. Box 299
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Or talking with our Treasurer, Mike Marrone – 607.783.2897